Why UP Fintech Holding Stock Nearly Doubled in January

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Shares of UP Fintech Holding Limited (NASDAQ: TIGR), otherwise known as Tiger Brokers, surged 98.7% higher in January, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Surprisingly, there’s very little news that would seem to account for these stellar gains. But perhaps it can be simply explained by an increasing awareness of the company among investors. 

According to Yahoo Finance, only 4% of UP Fintech Holding stock is owned by institutional investors. That likely means this is a company flying completely under the radar. However, once investors do finally hear about UP Fintech Holding, it’s a story that’s easy to latch on to and get excited about. The company is being called the “Robinhood of China,” its revenue is growing at a triple-digit pace, and it has its sights set on international expansion. 

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