Where Will Snowflake Be In 1 Year?

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Snowflake‘s (NYSE: SNOW) massive growth — and the interest of a prominent investor — have helped to boost the stock since its IPO. Its data cloud product’s dominance of its niche should bolster Snowflake for the foreseeable future. However, despite the company’s value proposition, its shares could still put investors in a deep freeze over the next year.

Before the data cloud, data resided in silos, or repositories accessible to only a few. Not only does this data structure force redundancy, but it calls reliability into question as updates do not necessarily reach every silo.

Snowflake can place data in one scalable source, eliminating most of these issues. Furthermore, Snowflake has built a competitive advantage over cloud giants such as Amazon.com, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and SAP, since its software can run on all of their services.

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