This Important Number Captures the Growth That Lies Ahead for Etsy

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It’d be inappropriate to say COVID-19 was good for anything, considering the damage it caused, but if we were to focus on something positive that came out of the past year, the shift to digital has made many products and services available to customers who otherwise lacked access to such storefronts. And it was also a way for small businesses to keep the lights on while pandemic restrictions were in place.

Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY), the online marketplace specializing in unique, handmade goods, was critical to the success of many entrepreneurs and small business owners, and the company’s incredible growth over the past year is a testament to the important role it played during the pandemic and also where this e-commerce operation is going.

Activity among habitual buyers, or those who made purchases with Etsy on six or more different days over the past year, has skyrocketed in the past several quarters, and this cohort could play a significant role in the company’s future.

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