Tesla Is Worth $700 Billion. Here’s How to Find the Next Tesla-Like Stocks

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It has been an epic year for automotive pioneer Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). The company’s share price exploded nearly 700% higher in 2020 and recently topped $700 billion market cap value — making it not just the world’s most valuable automaker, but one of the world’s most valuable companies, period. Not everyone may agree with the sky-high price tag, but there’s no denying Tesla has gone from niche stock to mainstream success.

But a new digital era is dawning, hastened on by the pandemic. There are other companies out there poised to make a Tesla-like run in the decade ahead. Here are some tips to help spot them early on.

To enjoy Tesla-like returns, investors should be looking for small companies. But what is “small”? A small-cap stock is defined by an arbitrary market capitalization of $2 billion or less, but such sizing is relative. 

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