Raging Bull or Stock Market Crash? Here’s the Signal to Watch in 2021

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As the new year begins, investors are trying to make sense of a crazy time. Even with the world going through its worst pandemic in a century, stock markets were able to move beyond months of complete economic shutdowns across much of the globe and instead focus on prospects for the future. After a big swoon in February and March 2020, that optimism produced huge gains for stock markets.

Two weeks in, 2021 has continued the stock market’s upward momentum from 2020, producing moves into new record territory for many major indexes. Bullish investors argue that a steady rise is completely normal for stocks, and they’re hopeful for improving conditions to bring more gains in the coming year. That’s powering big gains for high-flying stocks like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). Others fear that the markets have gotten ahead of themselves and think another crash could come in the months ahead.

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