New to Investing? Buy These 3 Stocks Instead of Gambling on GameStop

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If you got into investing recently and maybe even hopped onto the GameStop bandwagon, you probably know how quickly a hot trade can move against you. Billions of dollars were made and lost in a few short weeks, but those who held on for the last week have been heartbroken. 

There were reasons GameStop became the trade it did along with a combination of shorting and options that fueled both the rise and the fall. And those short-term trades are risky, which is why we focus on long-term investing here at The Motley Fool.

And if you’re just getting started with long-term investing, a great way to do it is with stocks that combine some of the excitement of owning GameStop with the opportunity to own real high-growth businesses — like Square (NYSE: SQ), Virgin Galactic Holdings (NYSE: SPCE), and Spotify Technology (NYSE: SPOT)

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