Near an All-Time Low, Is BigCommerce a Buy?

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The 60% sell-off that BigCommerce Holdings (NASDAQ: BIGC) shares have dished out since September’s peak is intimidating, to be sure. Stock prices fall for a reason, after all, and if they lose ground in the middle of a raging bull market like the one we’ve seen in recent weeks … well, that’s even worse.

This is a case, however, in which a stock tumbled for all the wrong reasons. Post-IPO profit-taking looks like the key culprit, underscored by a sheer lack of analytical coverage. With both headwinds now abating, the company’s true potential is becoming clear. The fact that the stock is still just a few days removed from a record low price of $57.26 a share only makes it more of a gift to investors searching for an overlooked prospect.

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