Is the Stock Market Really Just a Game?

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The stock market has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately. Some of the recent criticism is related to the loose community of traders who gather in Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets group forum and who decided to take on the investing insiders and knocked them down a peg. Farhad Manjoo wrote in The New York Times last week about the recent market events and said that the stock market is increasingly disconnected from economic realities, and he asserts that we spend too much time following a market that mostly just benefits a small amount of very rich people.

In many ways, these attacks on the system are just part of the process. As Manjoo asks: “Were billionaires likely to win whatever happened, because they always do?” But even if the billionaires do win in the end, it doesn’t mean that individual investors can’t. The writer concludes: “The stock market has turned into a game — a game we should stop.”

But it doesn’t have to be a game. Despite these recent trading antics, investing in equities remains a strong vehicle for anyone — including the average person — to accumulate wealth. And as trading sites like Robinhood and Square‘s Cash App have made accessing the stock market even easier, any individual can put some money into the right stocks and watch their portfolio’s value grow.

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