Got $5,000? Here Are 3 Stocks to Buy and Hold For the Long Term

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The stock market went haywire in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic turned the economy upside down. At the end of the year, the S&P 500 market barometer had recovered from the crash in March to deliver a 15% return for the year. Many investors are sitting on their hands, fearing that another crash might lower their returns on whatever they buy today — and the cash would be better spent after the onset of the next correction, right?

A healthy respect for market risks is always good, but you can also miss out on great returns by keeping too much cash on the sidelines in your investing portfolio. The best strategy is to keep some of that dry powder handy just in case the next market correction sweeps in and creates a bunch of fantastic buying opportunities, while also investing in a few high-quality stocks that can give you great returns no matter what happens to the market as a whole.

Read on to see why you should divide your $5,000 of investable cash among Fiverr International (NYSE: FVRR), Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS), and Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU).

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