How OTC: INSD is ramping up to become the largest cannabis distributor in the world.

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November 18th Breaking News: Instadose Secures Another African JV Partner

Official Instadose Pharma Press Release

Instadose is building a large-scale commercial outdoor growing, cultivation, production, and global distribution platform for medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid oil. Instadose’s (OTC: INSD $0.0000) Global Distribution Platform spans five (5) world continents to date, including Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America.

Instadose is the culmination of countless years of international development experience among a highly decorated and dedicated team. The goal is simple, become the largest cannabis distributor in the world. Now that Instadose (OTC: INSD $0.0000) is officially operational and investable to the general public, it is only a matter of time before Wall Street catches on.


Instadose Pharma plans to be importing into North Macedonia up to 50 Metric Tons of product per quarter through this route supplying licensed pharmaceutical customers in the European Union.

Official Instadose Pharma Press Release

What makes Instadose (OTC: INSD) a good investment?

Directly from the company: “Instadose Pharma is expected to be the largest producer of medicinal cannabis in the world. This will enable us to supply a consistent, secure, reliable and sustainable product to meet demands of large pharmaceutical and food & beverage companies on an ongoing basis.”

OTC: INSD 5 Fast Facts
1. Company focused on becoming the largest producer in the world.
2. Company has 40,000 hectares of land to cultivate.
3. Stationed across 5 different continents.
4. Product is actively being harvested and delivered.
5. The company is newly public with their merger just being approved.

The next factor to consider is timing. Is Instadose (OTC: INSD $0.0000) early in its growth curve? This is the most important factor to consider when doing due diligence on a company. After all, the early bird gets the worm.

Timing is indispensable for successful investors. What stage is Instadose at?

We believe there are two ways to look at this question. The first is to look at the status of Instadose (OTC: INSD $0.0000) operations. The other is to observe the status of the public merger. Day 1 of (OTC: INSD $0.0000) is when their merger is officially stamped and approved. Is it currently at a discount as a result? Will it be the last time we see this stock at these levels?

In terms of the companies operations, Instadose is currently licensed to import, export and sell . They are transparent on the status of operations and currently claim that business is active in North Macedonia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa. They are currently expanding operations within Mexico.

Does Instadose (OTC: INSD) actively grow cannabis? Are they successfully delivering?

Yes, Instadose Pharma (OTC: INSD $0.0000) is currently cultivating and distributing based on a recent press release from the company. Instadose Pharma Corp recently announced the establishment of their supply route from Southern Africa to North Macedonia with a pathfinder delivery of 176.5KG of high grade Medicinal Cannabis.

This Delivery-

  • Validates quality and suitability of packaging for shipping.
  • Establishes the meeting of regulations for delivery into North Macedonia.
  • Familiarizes both Instadose and Customs Officials on regulations procedure and process.
  • Establishes the meeting of European Union Pharmacopeia Regulations for sale and importation.

With the commencement of this regular route it sets in place the standard and processes of this stable and reliable supply from Southern Africa.

Instadose Pharma plans to be importing into North Macedonia up to 50 Metric Tons of product per quarter through this route supplying licensed pharmaceutical customers in the European Union.

This appears to be the first delivery, further indicating we are early in the company’s growth curve.

How does Instadose (OTC: INSD) compare to other large cannabis companies?

Today’s global Medicinal Cannabis industry remains fractured as it struggles to define itself as a profitable and viable commercial business. The global production, sale, and distribution of Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil is monopolized by licensed producers with minimal participation to date from Big Pharma, who require sustainable, consistent, diverse, and low‑cost bulk supplies of high‑quality Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil to make entrance into the Medicinal Cannabis Industry possible. For this reason, Instadose is committed to creating a large Global Distribution Platform for Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Oil.

The goal for Instadose Pharma (OTC: INSD $0.0000) is simple: be the largest distributor of cannabis in the world. This may seem like a lavish goal but Instadose has more than enough infrastructure in place to achieve this.

Instadose Pharma currently has 40,000 hectares of available land to cultivate globally. This allows their production cost to fall dramatically to a fraction of their competitors and current “big players.”

Don’t bet on the horse, bet on the jockey. Is the team behind Instadose fit to scale this company? We think so!

Grant F. Sanders
Chairman of the Board, Non-Independent Director
Grant F. Sanders is an entrepreneur who has founded several successful businesses. He has experience and training in various fields including finance, manufacturing, and agriculture. He sees the potential of high value agricultural pharmaceutical crops as a global renewable resource that is a catalyst for change and the potential for these emerging global commodities to transform the third world and supply the demand of the first.

Founder Grant Sanders working with officials in DRC

Mr. Sanders has been developing agricultural platforms in the DRC for more than 20 years. He currently sits on the board for several businesses involved in agriculture, property and real‑estate development and has extensive experience in private banking as well as global asset structuring, and corporate finance.

Major General Freddie Valenzuela
International Advisor to Nexus Leadership
Major General Valenzuela served thirty‑three years in the U.S. army and was highly decorated for heroism and valor.

He served in three combat corps and six infantry Divisions all over the world including Peru, Korea, Colombia, Turkey, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, Grenada, Panama, El Salvador, and Somalia, as well as numerous years in interagency assignments. He commanded in the Cold War and Gulf War eras and was awarded the two highest peacetime awards upon his retirement, the Defense and Army Distinguished Service Medals. After his retirement, he continued his public service by creating an educational foundation for at‑risk children and for the families of soldiers killed in the line of duty. He is the President/CEO of M.C. Valens – a service‑disabled veteran‑owned business. His company previously advised senior Mexican leadership on the War on Drugs. He is a motivational speaker and supports the U.S. Army in the arena of recruiting, retention, and diversity issues. Hispanic Business Magazine has named him one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the U.S.

He recently served as a Board of Director of USAA Federal Savings for 11 years (risk/trust/credit committees), USAA USB Bank (Credit card bank/risk/compensation committees). He was also recently appointed by the President of the United States to the WWI Centennial Commission.

Major General Valenzuela was appointed by President Biden’s Administration to the Military Veteran Advisory Council, for the America 250 celebration which recognizes the United States’ historical birth as a Nation. Major General Valenzuela also published his Memoirs in a book, “No Greater Love” with all the proceeds going to scholarships for the children of those Soldiers he buried from numerous wars.

Lt. General (ret’d) the Honourable Andrew Leslie
Independent Director
General Andrew Leslie has been a soldier, business leader, Federal parliamentarian, Chief Government Whip and board director with corporate, charitable and government organizations.

Honourable Andrew Leslie speaking with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

His value proposition is extensive training and practical experience in leadership, governance, succession planning/leader selection/mentoring, strategic planning and risk and crisis management. He has extensive knowledge of Canada’s place in the world, international trade, Canada-US relations, and cyber security. He is a loyal team player who speaks his mind as required.

His career in the Canadian Armed Forces culminated as the Commander/CEO of the Canadian Army for four years during the latest Afghan War, where he was responsible for the leadership of 57,000 people, their equipment, training, a multi-billion-dollar budget and related equipment programs.

After international tours with both the UN and NATO in peacekeeping and war and numerous Canadian and international awards and decorations, he joined a large Canadian corporation as a senior Vice President, working on network operations and cyber security with U.S. and Canadian clients. He was subsequently involved in various cyber security companies as a board director and mentor, and larger ones for corporate strategy and governance as a consultant; as well as half a dozen charitable boards ranging from simple to complex. Elected as the Federal MP representing the riding of Orleans in 2015, he was Chief Government Whip and a member of the Privy Council of Canada, attending the Results and Risk Management Cabinet Committee. In January 2017 the Prime Minister focused him on Canada-U.S. relations as Parliamentary Secretary for Global Affairs, and he attended the relevant cabinet committee on Trade. He has spent considerable time in the U.S. and across Canada interacting with military and business leaders, Governors and Congress on trade-related issues.

A graduate of numerous military courses on leadership, governance, ethics, strategy, tactics, equipment acquisition and risk management, General Leslie’s education includes the University of Ottawa (Economics), the Royal Military College (MA/Strategic Studies), the University of London (U.K.), as well as executive courses at the Harvard Business School and the Canadian Forces Colleges, and he is a recent graduate of the Institute of Directors Education program from the Rotman School of Management. In 2021 he was conferred the degree of Doctor (honoris causa) from the Royal Military College. He currently lives in Ottawa and is bilingual (English/French). He chose not to run in 2019 Federal election and now sits on various corporate boards and provides strategic advice to selected clients.

Edward Borkowski
Non-Independent Director, Chief Executive Officer
Edward Borkowski has served as Executive Vice President, Operations of TherapeuticsMD since 2020. Prior to joining TherapeuticsMD, Mr. Borkowski served as: (i) Executive Vice President and interim Chief Financial Officer of MiMedx Group Inc. (MDGX) from April 2018 to December 2019, (ii) Chief Financial Officer of Aceto Corporation (ACET) from February 2018 to April 2018, and (iii) director and held several executive positions with Concordia International, an international specialty pharmaceutical company, from May 2015 to February 2018. From March 2013 to March 2016, Mr. Borkowski served as Acting Chief Financial Officer of Amerigen Pharmaceuticals, a generic pharmaceutical company with a focus on oral, controlled release products. Edward is currently a director of AzurRx BioPharma Inc. (AZRX) and Acacia Pharma Group Plc (ACPH), and a Trustee of Allegheny College. Mr. Borkowski previously served as a director of Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (CODX) from May 2017 to June 2019. Mr. Borkowski previously served in executive roles at ConvaTec, CareFusion Corporation and Mylan N.V. and began his career with Arthur Andersen & Co.

Mr. Borkowski earned his degree in Economics and Political Science from Allegheny College and received an MBA in accounting from Rutgers University.

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