OTC: ECDP poised for growth after presenting energy savings tech at UN Conference.

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United Nations Office of Geneva (UNOG), Switzerland at night, with the main entrance a the flag poles of the member states.

Eco Depot (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) stock is in the spotlight following their acquisition of disruptive insulation company, Bronya Climate Shield. Bronya hopes to accelerate the world towards a more sustainable future through the distribution of its highly capable and versatile energy saving coating.

The product was recently invited to be presented to the World Tourism Organization, the United Nations Agency responsible for promoting responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. This is a huge development in the company and may have the potential to open significant doors across the globe.

Bronya Climate Shield™ is a multi-purpose liquid insulation that can be applied on any surface, both indoors and outdoors, at temperatures of -60 °C up to +200 °C. Bronya Climate Shield is a cost-effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product with thermal conductivity of 0,03 W/m Celsius, proven to reduce energy costs by up to 42% and labour costs by 70%. Moreover, this excellent quality product provides insulation lasting from 10 to 30 years, depending on the application.

Bronya’s product line also includes a thermal waterproof, fire-retardant and anti-corrosion liquid Thermal paint coating. Bronya Climate Shield can provide its end-users with an easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective liquid thermal insulation paint product line that drastically improves the thermal efficiency in building, transportation, and industrial sectors.

October 19th Breaking News: Eco Depot Inc. Announces an insulating rating of R-20 (m2⋅K/W) on Bronya Climate Shield

Eco Depot acquires Development One. The perfect companion to the Climate Shield product line?

Development One has developed a proven coating for the industrial space as well as the oil and gas industry that increases strength by 300% and lowers friction and is less abrasive as well as being a lubricant; these coatings can be used to repurpose and extend life of down hole tools in the oil and gas space, saving millions in annual costs to the oil industry. In the industrial space it will increase the life of parts and decrease the cost of repair and maintenance budgets.

They have also developed a proprietary cement additive with the expectation of rapid expansion in the cement additive arena. Focusing on the down hole needs in oil and gas and construction cement challenges. The company’s product has helped increase strength, decrease pour needs, and add to life expectancy in down hole cement and construction grade cement markets. The market size in 2020 for the combined segments were $1.2 Billion that year. The Company has already secured major development partners in Canada and recently signed with a major cement pumping company in the US.

How Eco Depot (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) will integrate this new acquisition is yet to be seen. However the product line shows great promise. You can visit the website for D1 Nano here to learn more.

Here’s why this could be the biggest disruption to the insulation industry in decades.

Bronya (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) has been thoroughly studied by scientists around the world. Their presence in international markets is strong and the feedback is nothing short of glowing. Studies (done to US Military standards) have found that with application of their thermal insulation products on commercial or residential structures, energy savings of up to 40% can be sustained in structures. Applications remain effective for decades.

Below we can see a visual example of Bronya’s (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) groundbreaking thermal properties.

Ice placed on a piece of metal in the sun. Bronya coating is applied on the right.

As mentioned, Bronya has been studied by labs around the world. The data below was produced by NTS Sci-Lab, a globally recognized ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory used by Government Agencies and Fortune 500 Companies. The energy savings are staggering when taking into account that just a thin coating of the product was used. Similar to a standard coat of paint. Results averaged between 24.38 % and 42.98% of energy savings.

Table 1: 577726-1i to 1iii 50±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 2

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
1iCoated Pipe48.81 / 87.86 / 92695.1036.91 / 66.44 / 70095.8011.90 / 21.42 / 22599.30
1iiCoated Pipe49.94 / 89.89 / 94841.0835.84 / 64.51 / 68063.7614.10 / 25.38 / 26777.32
1iiiCoated Pipe51.27 / 92.29 / 97366.8836.45 / 65.61 / 69222.2114.82 / 26.68 / 28144.67
Average:50.01 / 90.02 / 94974.0236.40 / 65.52 / 69127.2613.61 / 24.50 / 25846.76

Table 2: 577726-2i 50±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 2

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
2iUncoated Pipe50.42 / 90.76 / 95752.6542.15 / 75.87 / 80047.098.27 / 14.89 / 15705.56

Table 3: 577726-1i to 1iii 100±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 2

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
1iCoated Pipe97.91 / 176.24 / 185940.9370.60 / 127.08 / 134076.5027.31 / 49.16 / 51864.44
1iiCoated Pipe98.59 / 177.46 / 187232.3261.73 / 111.11 / 117231.4836.87 / 66.37 / 70019.84
1iiiCoated Pipe99.97 / 179.95 / 189853.0865.09 / 117.16 / 123612.4534.88 / 62.78 / 66240.63
Average:98.82 / 177.88 / 187669.1265.81 / 118.46 / 124979.8133.02 / 59.44 / 62708.30

Table 4: 577726-2i 100±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 2

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
2iUncoated Pipe100.85 / 181.53 / 191524.2980.42 / 144.76 / 152725.6720.43 / 36.77 / 38798.62

Table 5: 577726-1i to 1iii 150±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 3

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
1iCoated Pipe149.37 / 268.87 / 283668.65103.67 / 186.61 / 196879.7545.68 / 82.22 / 86750.91
1iiCoated Pipe148.86 / 267.95 / 282700.1192.86 / 167.15 / 176350.4856.00 / 100.80 / 106349.63
1iiiCoated Pipe152.74 / 274.93 / 290068.6291.32 / 164.38 / 173425.8661.42 / 110.56 / 116642.76
Average:150.32 / 270.58 / 285472.7995.95 / 172.71 / 182218.7054.37 / 97.87 / 103254.10

Table 6: 577726-2i 150±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 3

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
2iUncoated Pipe149.30 / 268.74 / 283535.71114.90 / 206.82 / 218206.6534.40 / 61.92 / 65329.06

Table 7: 577726-1i to 1iii 200±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 3

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
1iCoated Pipe200.16 / 360.29 / 380123.96144.41 / 259.94 / 274249.1155.75 / 100.35 / 105874.86
1iiCoated Pipe199.29 / 358.72 / 378471.75113.64 / 204.55 / 215813.7985.66 / 154.19 / 162676.95
1iiiCoated Pipe200.78 / 361.40 / 381301.41118.87 / 213.97 / 225746.0881.91 / 147.44 / 155555.33
Average:200.08 / 360.14 / 379972.04125.64 / 226.15 / 238602.9974.44 / 133.99 / 141369.04

Table 8: 577726-2i 200±3°C Internal Temperature Testing Results Note 3

IDStyleInternal Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)External Temp. (°C) / (BTU) / (Joules)Internal Vs. External Difference (°C)/ (BTU) / (Joules)
2iUncoated Pipe198.33 / 356.99 / 376648.61154.86 / 278.75 / 294094.7143.47 / 78.25 / 82553.90

Bronya was formulated to shield against the most extreme elements.

Bronya (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) products are commonly utilized in manufacturing plants, oil pipelines and other “high intensity” manufacturing/industrial surfaces. When coated on the exterior of a hot pipe, for example, it creates a highly effective protective barrier. When applied to exterior and interior walls, it is capable of creating a highly stable interior climate.

Bronya is designed for a wide range of applications. It has strong adhesion to wood, concrete, metals and other construction materials. The primary objective when developing Bronya was to create a temperature-resistant, weather-protective and rust-inhibiting coating that was durable enough to withstand extreme conditions. Bronya Classic does exactly this. It is extremely insulating and, when applied sufficiently, can reduce energy costs inside of most structures by up to 40%.

Bronya insulation (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) is highly effective for insulating building sides, roofs, internal walls, window jambs, concrete floors, hot and cold-water supply pipelines, steam pipes, ducting for air conditioning systems, cooling systems, various vessels, tanks, trailers, refrigerators, etc. For example, it is highly effective at reducing condensation on cold-water supply pipelines. It decreases heat loss allowing your building to fulfill official regulations that govern heating systems. The product is suitable for use in temperatures from -60° C to +200° C (up to +260° C for brief periods).

Major companies like Coca Cola use Bronya insulation products to protect their facilities and reduce their energy consumption.

Bronya could soon to be available in every home. An early investor’s dream.

Bronya (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) is not a new product. However, its application potential is.

Typically, industrial grade thermal protection has been offered exclusively to major manufacturers and industrial behemoths. Bronya seeks to expand on this and will be offering their products to both large and small scale construction customers. They intend to do this through direct sales on their website, as well as through their distribution agreement with Lowes.

The price point is also highly competitive. Bronya prices their product at a similar rate to standard paint. With the ability to color match the product, along with its revolutionary protective properties, market disruption seems possible.

For investors of OTC: ECDP $0.1361, the agreement with Lowes for distribution indicates the possibility for a massive, albeit sustainable, spike in revenue. It’s important to keep in mind that this product appears to be far ahead of competitors in the industry. From a homeowners perspective, who wouldn’t want to paint their walls, floors, attic and foundation with a coat of Bronya? It’s a cost effective solution that would seal your home from almost every potential disaster, in addition to saving energy.

All Bronya products insulate, but they also solve other hurdles found in construction.

Every Bronya sku carries extreme thermal insulation properties, but within their product line lies solutions for seemingly every problem that modern structures may fall victim to. For example, fire and water damage.

Bronya’s Fire Retardant coating can be found in various ratings of R45, R60, R90, R120. It is used to improve the fire safety of enclosing structures all while maintaining its thermal properties and little to no VOC. Application is easy, resulting in lower labour costs. Another unique benefit to this coating is its ability to be color matched. Any Bronya coating can be utilized like standard paint, at a similar cost, with far more benefit.

Bronya treated cardboard is on the left side.

Bronya (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) also carries a waterproof coating. Bronya Aquablock is uniquely formulated to prevent water damage. It can be applied to roofing, foundations, bathroom floors, electrical cables and more. The surface of Bronya AquaBlock has no seams, which prevents any water from escaping or leaking. Due to its high adhesion, it is not affected by sunlight, humidity or temperature changes. It is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray gun. After curing, Bronya AquaBlock turns into a strong and durable coating that is not degraded by atmospheric or other environmental conditions. It is durable, extremely elastic and maintains its characteristics in the most extreme conditions.

Elasticity can reach up to 220% making this Aquablock particularly practical for building foundations which are known to bend and flex over time. These foundations are most susceptible to water damage which, in extreme cases, can result in millions of dollars in damage. The below video shows just how flexible Bronya Aquablock is.

Rubber with white surface is treated with Bronya.

Bronya is disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry.

Thermal insulation market was valued at USD 23.89 billion in 2016, and is projected to reach USD 29.62 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.65% from 2017 to 2022.

Building insulation is used to reduce the amount of power that is required to heat or cool a home and for minimizing the heat escape in winters and hot air penetration in summers. Building insulation tends to be the most cost-effective measure in climates that have a wide range of annual average temperatures. 

Over the past eight months, this sector has exploded with increased demand as people are confined to their homes, carrying out renovations to occupy their time. This has caused shortages in building materials related to the home renovations market. Companies associated with this Housing Renovation Market, such as Sherwin Williams, PPG, Lowe’s and Home Depot have seen their stock prices increase by almost 100%. 

This sector will grow exponentially after President-Elect Joe Biden announced the following Build Back Better Recovery Act.  President-Elect Biden’s, Build Back Better plan includes weatherizing 2,000,000 homes, funding energy-saving home improvements that will save working families hundreds of dollars a year on their utility bills,” said President-Elect Biden.  “From replacing windows and doors to adding insulation, these are small changes that are making a big difference for American workers, manufacturers, and consumers. The plan includes retrofitting 4,000,000 old buildings and the construction of 1,500,000 new affordable housing units that will create additional shortages in the building materials industry.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) report of December 2020, EA has tracked USD 66 billion of funding for energy efficiency-related measures announced as part of governments’ stimulus packages to the end of October. A large share (USD 26 billion) has been allocated to the buildings sector – unsurprisingly, as investments in the efficiency of buildings are estimated to create around 15 jobs for every USD 1 million spent. 

More than just insulation, Bronya can also replace paint, at a similar price.

The global paints and coatings market size was valued at USD 154.64 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 249.70 billion by 2027. Bronya’s product line fits here too, as it can be matched to any color you desire. This is an all-in-one product that insulates, protects and paints any surface required by the customer.

Going green, in every sense of the word. Good for the environment, good for investors.

If we look back over the last decade, we can see a global movement towards the development of more eco-friendly companies designed to reverse or offset climate change. The data is clear, without tremendous investing into environmentally conscious companies, future generations will be left with an unsolvable problem.

America has voted, the country needs a change. The Biden government has built its platform on further investing into environmental and social governance companies. This leaves opportunity for prudent investors looking to accelerate their portfolios in alignment to this global shift.

Bronya (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) has a product that has little to no VOC, a competitive advantage in their industrial sector. This could allow mass entry into residential and commercial industries.

With up to 40% energy savings in most structures and a highly competitive price point, Bronya could be well poised to generate massive sales across the North American market.

The Bronya product line could soon be accessible for every American. OTC: ECDP already is.

Prudent investors are always on the lookout for the next big innovation. Ideally, prior to mass adoption of the product. This leaves room for portfolio growth.

Bronya’s (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) mission is bold, but we believe the product is ripe for massive entry into the marketplace. Their value proposition is strong and with the right distribution, which already seems to be set in place, (OTC: ECDP $0.1361) might have the potential to be a slam dunk for investors.

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