Deceased Individuals Will Likely Get $600 Stimulus Checks Under Second Round

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It happened during the first round of direct payments that went out under the CARES Act, and now, we could be in for a repeat. Deceased individuals may be in line for stimulus checks under the latest relief bill.

Earlier in the week, lawmakers approved a $900 billion coronavirus-relief package after months of negotiations that includes direct stimulus payments in the amount of $600 per eligible adult and dependent child. And the good news is that those payments have already started going out.

For eligible recipients with bank account details on file with the IRS, those payments should hit pretty quickly. In fact, some people may have their stimulus cash in hand already. Those who don’t have bank account details on file with the IRS will need to wait longer, as was the case with the last stimulus round, but Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has stated that paper checks would start going out as early as Dec. 30. But some of those direct deposits or checks may be issued to individuals who can’t use them — because they’re no longer among the living.

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