Buy These 3 Stocks Before the Market Corrects in 2021

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Look no further than 2020 for evidence that the long-term trend of the market is up. Despite an unprecedented global pandemic, it appears as though the S&P 500 will miraculously end this year up in the mid-teens.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget we’ve had two massive downturns in just the past two years, which can be awfully scary if you’re not prepared. One thing’s for sure — we’ll get another. It may be in 2021; it may be further out. But another big downturn will most certainly happen at some point over the next five years.

After this year’s big gains, some investors may be looking to lock in some profits and preserve capital, especially those in or near retirement. Nevertheless, stocks still seem like the best place for long-term savings, given that bonds yield next to nothing and most asset classes remain somewhat highly priced. 

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