Bold Prediction: General Motors Is the Next Apple Stock for Investors

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Two decades ago, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) was a floundering technology company without much in the way of compelling devices. The iPod wouldn’t be introduced until 2001, and the iPhone that made Apple what it is today was still nearly a decade off. But those products revolutionized technology and our everyday lives. 

Saying that General Motors (NYSE: GM) is the next Apple may sound insane right now given how successful the tech titan’s turnaround was, but I think we’re seeing the early days of a massive transformation of the automaker. It’s disrupting itself in ways that Apple did with the iPod and iPhone and in ways that auto manufacturers haven’t ever done. And GM may be years, or even decades, ahead of the competition, and that could make it a great auto stock long-term.

Image source: Cruise.

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