Better Buy: Amazon vs. Target

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There’s no denying Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) was the big winner of the coronavirus pandemic. Already established as the king of e-commerce, it was the name best prepared for the sudden rush of online shopping. Last year’s revenue will likely roll in 35% better than 2019’s, once the company’s fourth-quarter numbers are posted. A bunch of its new customers will probably remain customers even after the pandemic passes, too.

Amazon’s clear success isn’t inherently a reason to step into the stock at this time, however. The stock has been suspiciously stagnant since August, even if it managed to gain 76% in calendar 2020, suggesting the market knows the company’s got a tough act to follow going forward.

Investors on the hunt for a new consumer-facing pick may want to consider Target (NYSE: TGT). The retailer may not have been quite as ready for the fallout of the COVID-19 contagion as its rivals were. But, quick and smart adaptations made during the throes of the pandemic has created a situation where the discount retailer has more risk-adjusted potential to offer to new investors than its bigger rival presently does.

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