6 Best Investing Tips for People Who Don’t Follow the Market

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You don’t have to subscribe to 23 investing newsletters or The Wall Street Journal to make money in the stock market. In truth, you don’t really need any special subscriptions at all. If you know a few tricks of the investing trade, you can generate wealth without annoying market alerts on your phone or a single piece of financial news hitting your inbox. Start with these six investing tips that are ideal for people who don’t follow the market.

Long-term, the stock market grows to the tune of about 7% annually after inflation. But that growth comes in fits and spurts. One year, share prices might be up 20%, and the next year, they’ll be down 8%. Because the long-term trend is up, those short-term fluctuations are most disruptive when you need to sell your stocks in the midst of a down cycle. That’s when selling would create realized losses and prevent you from participating in the recovery that will follow.

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