4 Stocks to Invest in the Future of Energy

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The energy industry is changing rapidly as formerly dominant fuels like coal and oil are being supplanted by cheaper renewable energy sources. We can also anticipate a significant demand shift due to the rise of technological innovations like electric vehicles. And the disruption is far from over, given that renewables and EVs today account for less than 5% of electricity markets and vehicles sold, respectively. 

As this transition away from fossil fuels continues, investors will want to place their bets on which energy technologies will shine the brightest. As it stands now, Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE), SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWR)Star Peak Energy Transition Corp. (NYSE: STPK), and General Motors (NYSE: GM) look like they’ll be leaders in the future of renewable energy

The hydrogen economy is closer than ever to reality, thanks to companies like Bloom Energy. The company is building the technology to turn renewable energy into hydrogen that can be stored or transported and then used to generate electricity where and when it’s needed. 

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