3 Superb Robinhood Stocks That Can Double Your Money

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Volatility can be unnerving to some investors, but millennials absolutely love it. We know this because online investing app Robinhood gained roughly 3 million new users in 2020. The average age of Robinhood’s investing base is just 31.

Though Robinhood is known for offering commission-free trades, fractional-share investing, and gifts of free stock shares to new members, it’s perhaps most famous for its users’ habit of chasing penny stocks and otherwise poor-quality momentum plays.

But among the sea of questionable investments on Robinhood’s leaderboard (i.e., the 100 most-held stocks on the platform) are three superb companies that have the ability to double investors’ money. As long as Robinhood investors stick to their investment thesis, these companies should be money in the bank.

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