3 Stocks Dividend Investors Will Love

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While the bulk of investors may be chasing growth as the stock market continues to post new all-time highs, there’s a group who are more inclined to seek out good income-generating companies that pay consistent dividends. After all, dividends represent cold, hard cash that goes directly into your pocket. If the monthly dividends you receive from your investments exceed the amount you spend every month, there’s no reason you couldn’t retire and live off the income those dividend payments generate.

When selecting great dividend companies it’s important to look at the company’s dividend payment history as well as the resilience of its business model. It generally follows that a company with a great track record of raising its dividends over the years is more likely to do so in the future. Having a sturdy business moat with a strong competitive edge also means the company is less likely to falter during crises and either reduce or eliminate its dividend.

Here are three dividend-paying companies matching these criteria that investors should love.

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