3 Robinhood Stocks Value Investors Will Love

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Volatility has been the name of the game over the past year on Wall Street, and millennial investors have been loving every minute of it. Online investing app Robinhood, which has become a safe haven for retail investors, added approximately 3 million new users in 2020.

With an average age of only 31, Robinhood’s user base is often looking to get rich quick and rarely thinking about the long term. We know this to be fact because Robinhood’s leaderboard (i.e., the 100 most held stocks on the platform) is packed with momentum stocks, Reddit-rally plays, and penny stocks.

Yet among this sea of dart throws, Robinhood investors have scooped up three quality companies that value investors are bound to love. If you have cash at the ready and are looking for inspiration, young investors have their eyes (and money) on these brand-name companies.

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