3 High-Growth Stocks That Are Just Getting Started

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Machine vision leader Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX), industrial software company PTC (NASDAQ: PTC), and engineering simulation and design software company ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS) are companies in a hurry. All three are leaders in high-growth industries that have seen interest in their solutions increase as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, investors have every reason to believe their growth could accelerate in the coming years. Here’s why.

Cognex’s machine vision solutions make it a major beneficiary of the trend toward automation in manufacturing and logistics. Using machine vision is a lot more accurate and cost effective than using humans to perform the same task. In a nutshell, digital sensors are placed in cameras in order to capture images that are then analyzed to guide, monitor, and control automated processes.

Cognex’s machine vision helps smartphone manufacturers layer screens. Image source: Getty Images.

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