3 Dividend Stocks to Supplement Your Social Security

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Social Security income only gets you so far in retirement — and you can interpret “so far” to mean less than halfway. For the average retiree, Social Security replaces about 40% of working income. The other 60% needed to fund your lifestyle has to come from another source, and dividend stocks may be your answer.

The right dividend stocks produce fairly reliable, truly passive income at yields well above what you’d earn with bonds.

There are roughly 3,000 public companies paying dividends today, at yields ranging from less than 1% to 8% or more. Many of them are not suitable for retirement income, either because the share price is too volatile or the dividend payment is likely to be inconsistent. A volatile share price can limit your future growth opportunity and also lure you into frequent trading. And a dividend you can’t rely on isn’t very helpful when you have bills to pay.

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