3 Coronavirus Stocks to Stay Miles Away From in 2021

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The new year has already been packed with challenges — new and old. Top of mind is that thousands of people are dying of coronavirus-related causes every day. We’re lucky to have a few drugs that can prevent or treat COVID-19, and we’ll need even more as we move forward. Vaccines from Moderna and the team of Pfizer and BioNTech, in particular, have brought a possible end to the pandemic into sight. Investors who bought stock in these businesses, and others making safe and efficacious medicines, are doubly lucky. But picking the right coronavirus stocks in 2021 is going to be a different ballgame, and a risky one at that.

There’s still plenty of room for new competitors in the market for coronavirus drugs. But showing up to the market late or with a weak product might not to be enough to succeed. The companies I’ll discuss today might grow alongside the wider market in 2021 — after all, they’re massive enterprises, and their coronavirus programs only constitute a small part of their potential revenue. Nonetheless, because of their recent stumbles, I don’t think that they will outperform their competitors who have successful vaccines or therapies, so you should probably steer clear.

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