3 Absurdly Cheap Coronavirus Stocks to Buy Now

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Companies contributing to the fight against COVID-19 have received a lot of attention in the last year, but not all of their stocks have soared. For some businesses, the pandemic is providing an opportunity to launch their first commercial product, and the shares of some of those have gone through the roof.

But for companies that already had substantial revenue before the crisis hit, the additional business from the pandemic was less transformational, and investors haven’t shown as much love for their stocks. The market seems to discount any revenue from products and services related to COVID-19 as a one-shot deal, destined to vanish once the pandemic subsides.

Investors could be overlooking some major opportunities. Below are three stocks of profitable and growing companies that would be long-term buys even without coronavirus-related business. And the market is underestimating the value of that new business as well.

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